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Our Aim

Think big think bigger

To promote social inclusion, opportunity and wellbeing


Making a positive difference

to services and people's lives

through meaningful training & community engagement

About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals from different backgrounds and with a broad range of experiences. Collectively we have worked in and with statutory services, private business, charitable and voluntary organisations, and across many sectors including health and social care, education, heritage and industry. Each Director brings a rich array of knowledge and perspectives and we are bound by our common interest in building a fairer society.

We like to be creative and to seek the involvement of others in generating new ideas, both to overcome existing challenges and in Thinking BIG about new ways to improve experiences and outcomes.

After a number of years of talking about ideas, we decided it was time to take action. We looked at different models for forming a charitable, not-for-profit organisation, and took advice from some who had gone before us in this sector. As a result, we formed Thinking BIG as a Community Interest Company, dedicated to engaging in training, and projects with individuals, groups and organisations, in pursuit of the overarching aim - to promote social inclusion, opportunity and wellbeing, by making a positive difference to services and people's lives through meaningful training and community engagement. There are no share holders, no dividends and no spurious expenses. Any funds raised are put entirely into the running of projects for the benefit of the community.

As for the name, we asked the people we work with what words they thought captured what we do. We want people to Think BIG when considering new projects and activities, not to be limited by what is already out there. A little imagination and passion goes a long way, and we're on an exciting journey.

We have experience of achieving outstanding outcomes, both with organisations, and with individuals. Our training is designed, delivered, evaluated and quality assured, with organisations benefiting from improved employee ability, confidence, performance and wellbeing. Our community projects have made a positive difference to people's lives, and include collaborations with The National Lottery Community Fund, the Police and Crime Commissioners for West and South Yorkshire and their Violence Reduction Units, Menston Parish Council, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Kirklees Council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, and Yorkshire Mentoring. 

Our Story

Our aim is to promote social inclusion, opportunity and wellbeing by Thinking BIG. To achieve this, our vision is to facilitate positive experiences, progress and sustainable outcomes; empowering people through education, training, skills-building and having a collective voice in shaping future services and lives. 

Much of our work is with individuals and groups who face barriers to inclusion, opportunity and/or wellbeing, and others who can support these very people.

Children and adults can be vulnerable or disadvantaged by many factors including disabilities, ill-health, poverty, abuse, isolation, marginalisation or being in care. They can also find it difficult to keep themselves and others healthy and safe, or to access opportunities, services or employment, as a result of missing out on appropriate education, training or support. We can help to achieve goals and aspirations which improve lives.

Others who support vulnerable people include families, friends, carers, schools, and involved or potentially supportive professionals, volunteers and services. These people can also face challenges which need to be recognised and addressed and they can be empowered in their roles through dedicated support and training.

By choosing to use our training services for their teams, organisations can benefit from outstanding workforce development whilst simultaneously supporting their communities, as money raised is invested back into meaningful activities and projects.

Our Vision
About Us


Who is it for?



  • Community groups

  • Clubs

  • Groups of individuals with a common interest


  • Local authorities

  • Private companies

  • Charities and other third sector organisations

What is it?

See below for general compliance, specialist, and bespoke training and service development options

How does it work?


  • You may be referred to us by another organisation for one-to-one training

  • You can book a place on an open access course; these are published when spaces are available


  • We can help you to assess your training needs

  • We can deliver any of our courses at your usual meeting place

  • We can help you to identify and apply for funding if appropriate


  • We can help you to assess your training needs to ensure regulatory compliance and good practice

  • We can deliver our courses to teams in the workplace, developing communities of practice, agreed ways of working and positive relationships

  • We can work collaboratively on projects


General Compliance

A range of accredited training is on offer to any environment, delivered by subject specialists via an Ofqual regulated Awarding Body and National Training Centre. This guarantees that employers' due diligence obligations are met and workforce competencies are qualified within the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).




  • Basic Life Support

4 hours / short day / split sessions

RQF Level 2 Qualification

An ideal introduction to essential first aid skills, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of defibrillators (AEDs).

  • Emergency First Aid at Work

1 full day or split sessions

RQF Level 3 Qualification

Includes responsibilities, assessment of the situation, CPR, AEDs, choking, bleeding control, shock, epilepsy, seizures, minor injuries and burns.  

  • First Aid at Work

3 days or split sessions

RQF Level 3 Qualification

Comprehensive First Aid course, ideal for workplace First Aiders and those who want to know how to deal effectively with a wide range of emergencies, injuries and illnesses.

  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid

1 full day or split sessions

RQF Level 3 Qualification

Includes developmentally appropriate techniques for assessment of the situation, CPR, AEDs, choking, bleeding control, shock, seizures, minor injuries and burns.

  • Paediatric First Aid 

2 days or split sessions

RQF Level 3 Qualification

Comprehensive Paediatric First Aid course, ideal for childcare professionals, parents and those who want to know how to deal effectively with a wide range of emergencies, injuries and illnesses.



  • Health & Safety Level 1

4 hours / short day / split sessions

RQF Level 1 Qualification

An introduction to Health & Safety in the workplace, suitable for all employees as part of induction and mandatory training.

  • Health & Safety Level 2

1 full day or split sessions

RQF Level 2 Qualification

An ideal qualification for all employees, including those with supervisory and Health & Safety Lead responsibilities and anyone who may need to carry out risk assessments. This course includes legislation, roles, responsibilities, risk assessment, hazard management and procedures for responding to accidents and incidents.



  • Fire Safety Awareness

4 hours / short day / split sessions

RQF Level 1 Qualification

An introduction to Fire Safety in the workplace, suitable for all employees as part of induction and mandatory training.

  • Fire Safety

1 full day ​or split sessions

RQF Level 2 Qualification

An ideal qualification for all employees, including those with Fire Safety / Fire Warden responsibilities. This course includes legislation, roles, responsibilities, causes and properties of fire, risk and incident management.



  • Manual Handling Principles & Practice

1 full day / split sessions​

RQF Level 2 Qualification

An ideal qualification for anyone whose role involves any lifting, carrying, pulling or pushing, or whose role includes any responsibility for supervision or risk assessment. The course includes responsibilities, potential injuries and ill-health, manual handling risk assessment and management, and application of safe manual handling principles.


A range of Education, Health & Social Care specialist training is available, suitable for providers, leaders, managers, employees, volunteers and interested parties.


Our specialist trainers are qualified teachers who also hold leadership qualifications in Health & Social Care, and as such, they are qualified to certify all the training they deliver. They are experts in their field, having extensive working knowledge of services for children, people with disabilities and vulnerable adults.  Genuine specialists.

In addition to the courses below, any of the General Compliance courses can be delivered to specialist teams, making learning relevant and meaningful to the setting. Course length is variable, according to need, prior knowledge and numbers.


Principles of Safeguarding & Protecting Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults

RQF Level 3 Qualification or Certified CPD

This course is suitable for all people of 18 years and above. It is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to make a positive difference to a vulnerable person's life. It includes legislation and guidance, indicators of abuse and neglect, making judgements, roles and responsibilities, sharing of information, dealing with allegations and complaints.


  • First Aid for Mental Health  Level 1

RQF Level 1 Qualification

Suitable for all, this course is aimed at developing awareness and knowledge of mental health. It looks at how to identify suspected mental health conditions, and the skills to start a conversation and be able to signpost somebody towards professional help.

  • First Aid for Mental Health  Level 2

RQF Level 2 Qualification

Recommended for all practitioners and interested individuals, this covers the content of the Level 1 course but also expands on the effects of drugs and alcohol, incorporates the First Aid for Mental Health Action Plan and covers ways in which a positive mental health culture can be supported within any setting or workplace.


Undertaking ‘A Journey into Restorative Practice’ introduces participants to restorative tools and approaches, considering ways of living and working, to build positive relationships and community. This training underpins the value base of the group, team or organisation in pro-actively working with children, young people, families and others, rather than doing things to them or for them. It also prepares participants for further work on restorative workshops and projects.


Equality and Diversity in Reality. This training ensures that everybody is aware of their own and others’ duties under the Equality Act, including an understanding of protected characteristics and forms of discrimination. It also draws on the values which underpin equality in examining social conditioning and the impact of discrimination. It arrives at shared ways of working to minimise disadvantage and discrimination, and maximise inclusion and participation.


This course will equip you with an understanding of child development and relevant theories, developmental milestones, the potential causes and impact of developmental interruption, and our role in supporting healthy development.


This course looks at the human journey, encompassing physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and relevant theories. It encourages participants to consider who they are, what shaped their journey and how they can impact on their own and others' development.


Participants will learn about the role of resilience in managing challenge, pressure and stress. They will look at causes and effects of personal and professional stress and research into stress and resilience. In conclusion, they will develop strategies for managing stress and building resilience.


Many people work or interact with children and young people who live in care, but few of these people have a good understanding of the reality of life in a children's home. Children in care want their experiences to be better understood and this course will give people insight into their reality. For residential professionals, this includes understanding of the Home's Statement of Purpose and measures of success.

Bespoke Workforce & Service Development

With experience in leadership, management and service development, our consultant is well placed to identify and design activities to support your aspirations and ambitions. 

Below are some of the training and development activities we offer, all of which are tailored to your unique needs and settings.


Support in identifying your training needs, whether for good practice or for ensuring that you are able to meet specific client needs.


Design and delivery of induction for new staff teams or volunteers.


Team training to generate and embed a shared understanding of organisational aims, factors which affect these aims and the skills needed to manage conflicting demands and maintain a common purpose. 


Following Restorative Practice training, this series of workshops is designed to translate learning into practice, with measurable outcomes providing evidence of 'Restorative Organisation' status. 


This can be delivered to teams as a part of induction training, as CPD workshops or as one-to-one coaching.



Bespoke training sessions and workshops to meet identified development needs.


Facilitated workshops designed around organisational development plans.


Professional supervision for individuals in leadership and management positions in health and social care settings, including children's services.


One-to-one mentoring for aspiring leaders and managers.



We research and develop projects, and we also work collaboratively with others on projects which contribute towards our aim, so if you have an idea which promotes social inclusion, opportunity and/or wellbeing, let us know. This could be anything from targeted interventions to rolling out new training across communities or organisations.

We work with partners who provide funding, we collaborate on joint projects and funding bids and, if appropriate, we can seek the funding required to turn the idea into reality.


We are actively involved in primary and secondary prevention projects, with a mental health focus and public health approach. Below you will find details of some of the projects we deliver.

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Huddersfield New College

Parkside School.png
Hollings Youth.png
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Mental Health

  • Workshops

  • Training

  • Qualifications

  • Therapeutic Interventions

  • Supervision


Each year approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health condition and at least 1 in 6 employees experience common mental health problems in the workplace. 50% of mental health problems are manifest by the age of 14 and the number of children and young people experiencing mental ill-health is rising.


Young people believe that if adults in their environments (home/school/services they are engaged with) have better understanding of mental health and how to support someone experiencing difficulties, they would feel safer and be able to seek/be offered appropriate support sooner.


We developed the Health in Mind project to support and enable young people and the adults who work with them to address their concerns and difficulties earlier, reducing the negative impact and deterioration of their difficulties, and improving their wellbeing and ability to engage and achieve.


We provide training and qualifications in First Aid for Mental Health, for professionals and volunteers who work with children and young people across England. The RQF Level 2 Award, written in collaboration with the NHS, provides learners with an awareness of mental health and mental illness and the knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to a range of mental health difficulties, including how to start a supportive conversation and when and how to signpost someone to seek appropriate professional help.


Participants learn about the first aid action plan for mental health. They develop skills which enable them to support individuals experiencing difficulties, and also to implement a positive mental health culture. Organisations whose teams have completed the training report significant benefits as a result.

In addition to training and qualifications, Health in Mind provides a range of workshops for professionals, community groups and young people, focused on Stress Management and Wellbeing Action Planning.

We also provide training and qualifications in the use of therapeutic interventions to support mental health, wellbeing, recovery and resilience. Our consultant provides supervision for therapeutic professionals and volunteers, supporting safe practice and practitioner wellbeing.

Increasingly we are also working with young people, who take part in the training and gain qualifications alongside adults. We're active in a number of settings, where we work in partnership to develop wellbeing and a positive mental health culture.

If your organisation supports young people and would like to arrange training in First Aid for Mental Health, or enquire about therapeutic interventions or workshops, send an email to

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Barnsley Council.png

Mental Health

  • Training

  • Qualifications

  • Embedding Learning into Practice

  • CPD Award

  • Communities of Practice

Building on our learning and findings from Health in Mind, and in collaboration with the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and Yorkshire Mentoring, we developed a mental health project aimed at improving mental health as primary prevention of domestic abuse. 

There is a complex relationship between mental health and domestic abuse, and we know that mental ill-health can increase the risk of an individual both being subject to abuse, and becoming the abuser. There are also many other well-evidenced reasons why improving mental health can improve experiences and outcomes, including parental mental illness being one of the recognised Adverse Childhood Experiences with long-term impact on a person's life.

Mind Over Matter is a programme which begins with either a Level 1 (1 day) or Level 2 (2 days) Ofqual regulated qualification in First Aid for Mental Health, with extension activites focused on children and young people's neurological and emotional development, and our capacity to support positive experiences, relationships and wellbeing. There is then a period for embedding learning into practice, with activities agreed to be undertaken before reconvening for the follow-up session. This provides an opportunity for learners to apply their knowledge and practise their skills, and then reflect on these activities as a group, sharing and learning from each others' experiences, findings and perspectives. Any challenges or questions that have arisen during the practice activities can be explored and supported, thereby strengthening practice and confidence and increasing sustainable impact. 

The Level 1 route is for people aged 14 and upwards, with a primary focus on their own wellbeing, self-management, relationship skills, and ability to support others around them. They learn how to recognise difficulties, start supportive conversations, and use stress identification and management tools and wellbeing plans. The Level 2 route is aimed at professionals and volunteers who work with young people; it includes the Level 1 content and has an extended focus on practical skills for supporting people in crisis, developing positive mental health culture and practice within their teams and organisations, and resources to use with young people and share with colleagues.

After the original cohorts of trainees had completed the programme, we held a learning conference in 2021, with an opportunity for participants and wider stakeholders to share learning, feedback, outcomes and ideas for future development.

The findings from the evaluation of the first phase of the project were outstanding, with significant increase in knowledge, skills, confidence and capacity to improve individual and community mental health and wellbeing.

If your organisation would like to know more about the Mind Over Matter programme, and how it can work with you to develop workforce and community wellbeing, send an email to 

The Friends & Family Project

Friends & Family 2022.png
Bradford Council logo.png
Menston Council.png

This project was born of an idea to provide new opportunities for the friends and families of children and young people with disabilities. These people create the support networks for their children, but who's in their network of support? It makes perfect sense to create opportunities to connect people together, enabling them to share experiences, challenges, information, skills and fun.

We know that parents and carers can experience social isolation and a whole range of challenges. We also know that those who are best connected have the best experiences and outcomes. In its first year, with one Hub in Keighley, the project worked with some amazing families and we grew from strength to strength. 

The project is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund and we work in partnership with other organisations to deliver bespoke training and support. We run monthly group sessions (both face-to-face and online) and have an online resource with session summaries, presentations and links, for people who can't make it to meetings. We get together to learn from specialist trainers, guest speakers and each other, with professional advice on hand. We have lunch and a natter and we help each other out.

We now have four Hubs, in Bradford, Keighley, Menston and online, in West Yorkshire. If you live in or near any of these places and have a friend or family member who is a child or young person with a disability, why not get in touch? Would you like to know more about the project? Maybe you'd like to get involved in some of our meetings, training, or social activities? If so, drop us an email at or you can find us on The Local Offer:

Working Together 

to End Violence Against Women & Girls

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Gender inequality exists in all environments, and gender-based violence is rooted in everyday attitudes and behaviours. We are committed to working together to prevent and reduce all violence. WORKING TOGETHER is a partnership programme focused on ending violence against women and girls. We provide training, supervision and support for professionals to facilitate workshops with children and young people. We have active programmes in West and South Yorkshire.

Training for Trainers Programme:
2 days of training with qualified instructors; developing knowledge, understanding and skills in the content, and good practice in gender-based violence education and trauma-informed approaches. After successfully completing the training, you will have the skills and resources, including activity packs, to facilitate the workshops. Ongoing supervision and support is available, with the opportunity for continuing professional development.

The Workshops:

Four themed workshops, coproduced with young people, teachers and safeguarding specialists. These are designed to explore and develop knowledge, understanding, and skills, to support healthy behaviours and relationships, to recognise and challenge unacceptable and unlawful behaviour, and to access support when needed. Content and delivery is designed to meet specific learning outcomes through interactive and impactful activities and conversations.

To find out more about the workshops, or to enquire about training for you or your team, email

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Street First Aid is an innovative project designed by Thinking BIG and delivered in partnership with Safer Kirklees and the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, as part of the Government's Violence Reduction initiative.

It gives young people, and the adults and organisations who live and work work with them, the opportunity to participate in a full day's accredited training in essential life-saving skills, alongside awareness and skills training in issues related to violent crime.

The impact of knife crime is often in the news and, sadly, an increasing reality for individuals and communities in Yorkshire and nationally. We are working collaboratively and creatively with young people to reduce the number of people carrying knives and being involved in, or becoming a victim of, violent crime. We recognise that people can experience difficult situations and we make sure that if people encounter a life-threatening scenario, they know what to do to save lives.

We also offer half-day Street First Aid Basics sessions, focused on how to manage violent injuries and support people who are unresponsive or bleeding.

Both the accredited 1-day training and the Basics sessions have online delivery options.

To find out more about Street First Aid, contact 

To arrange FREE Street First Aid Basics sessions in a setting in Kirklees, contact

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We are based in Leeds and Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. 

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